Profile Optimization Training

Here are some suggestions on how to maximize your newly optimized profiles. For further support, contact us to find out about our ongoing support packages!

1. Leverage Your Contacts Database: Find your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and connect with them.
2. Grow Your Spheres:

To Log In:
Click Login and choose PRO LOGIN

Aim to get 2 to 3 reviews, with at least 1 of those reviews being from a recent client. Utilize your Instacard to easily link clients to do this!
Copy your Zillow or Google reviews to Realtor Recommendations
(Profile > Recommendations)

Aim to get a minimum of 5 reviews. (NOTE: Only buyers and sellers who have communicated, or worked with an agent can write a review and submit a rating on that agent on Zillow). Utilize your Instacard to easily link clients to do this!

Maintain your Past Sales (found in Dashboard on your Zillow profile)

To Log In:
Click Sign In and navigate to bottom of screen to Agent/Office Sign In

Periodically check your profile for any incoming leads from your online listings




Invite your friends on Facebook to Like your business page (found in the Manage Page section of your business page)
Aim to get a minimum of 5 reviews for your business page. Utilize your Instacard to easily link clients to do this!

Consider regularly adding content (suggested minimum of once per week)

  • Topics to consider: new listings, open houses, unique homes or properties, relevant articles you’ve come across, goings-on behind the scenes of your business, continued education happenings, previously sold listings

Consider creating Promotions for specific listings, or even for your business in general. Although this is a paid service through Facebook, it can be helpful to attract more potential customers on occasion (or continuously!)



Instagram - best viewed in Instagram app

Grow your followers by:

  • Posting engaging content. Remember, Instagram is a place to share business and personal, together. Keep the content appropriate for your target audience, but don’t be afraid to show more of who you are outside of Real Estate, too!
    Aim to post once per day. Consider utilizing the Instagram Stories feature to give a few snippets of your day in addition.
  • Use captions that include a call to action. This means giving your followers something to do relevant to your posts! (Comment below which house you like most; Check out my story for more views of this home, etc.)
  • Create Instagram Reels. Reels are videos you can post right to your Instagram page. You can add music and text to these videos and they make a great way to show off a listing, show a walk-through, and more!
  • Respond to your followers’ comments, and engage with other agents by liking and commenting on their posts, too!

 Share your Instagram posts to your linked Facebook business page, too!


RealGrader can post FOR YOU!
Take the guesswork out of Facebook and Instagram and let us
create custom content we can regularly post to your profiles
so you don’t have to!
Contact us to find out more about our
Done For You packages!


Consider uploading a brief, 30 to 60-second Introduction video for yourself! 

Upload videos of homes and walkthroughs you want potential customers to see.



Google Business Profile

To Access:

  • Make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account. Then, go to
  • Search for the term: “My business”. Your business page should show up in search with options to edit your page information.


Aim to get as many reviews as possible. Utilize your Instacard to easily link clients to do this! You can also ask colleagues and former clients to write reviews for you, as well.

Make posts for your Google Business, especially for events such as Open Houses.

Consider utilizing Google Ads to promote your business even further. Although this is a paid service through Google, it can be helpful to attract more potential customers on occasion (or continuously!)





Expand your network by connecting with colleagues and other agents.

Post occasionally with topics related to your expertise and market. It is not recommended to include property posts on this platform because it is a professional networking platform.




To Log In:

  • Click “Log In with Google” 


Easily share your contact information and social media profiles with your contacts!

Easily request reviews from clients on any of your reviewing business profiles!

Share your biography and reviews with prospective clients!


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